Posted by Matthew Gonzales on Mar 06 2020 at 12:38AM PST

Hello GHLL Families!

Thank you all or your patience in regards to publishing the schedules. As of Now, games that are schedule through March have been reviewed, and corrected from any errors. You may know use MARCH ONLY as a schedule for games.

PARENTS, if you happen to come across what you believe to be an error (Such as a game scheduled on a Sunday, or scheduled at 2 AM instead of 2 PM) please see your Head Coach.

COACHES, If you see issues with your schedule, please see your division VP.

I anticipate TeamPages implementing an update on their side of the website by this weekend. Once that has been completed, they should be uploading the rest of the schedules.

Thanks again for your understanding and allowing us to double check Teampages manual entries for accuracy.

If anyone is having issues or needs assistance with their TeamPage account, seek assistance from a Coach, or contact me via email at

Mathew Gonzales


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